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Sparing No Effort in Promoting Education

Agile- Cultivating Talent Doctor Programme

In 2017, Agile donated RMB10 million to the Sun Yat-sen University to establish the Sun Yat-sen University- Agile Charity Development Fund at the First Affiliated Hospital of the Sun Yat-sen University (hereinafter referred to as the "First Sun Yat-sen Hospital"). At the same time, it donated RMB50 million to the First Sun Yat-sen Hospital through the Sun Yat-sen Foundation, to implement the Agile- Cultivating Talent Doctor Programme, and to help introduce and cultivate high level talents.

Xiao Haipeng, President of the First Sun Yat-sen Hospital, expressed his gratitude to Agile for its philanthropic act, indicating that the donation would play an important role in the implementation of the First Sun Yat-sen Hospital's strategy of talent enhancement, and that the Hospital would further strengthen the recruitement of high-caliber medical talents and the cultivation of new talents to create an excellent team with an international vision and an ability of innovation, so as to lead and promote the continuous development of China's medical industry.

Agile donated RMB100 million to support the development of Hainan Tropical Ocean University

In 2016, Agile donated RMB100 million to Hainan Tropical Ocean University for its facility construction, scientific research, awards for outstanding teachers and students, and assistance for poor teachers and students, in an effort to promote the university's future development. The donation is the largest single donation ever throughout the history of education sector in Hainan. Mr. Wei Yong, the Party Secretary of Hainan Tropical Ocean University, said in his speech that the university would definitely make good use of this donation to speed up the facility construction, to increase investment in scientific research, to help poor teachers and students, to motivate outstanding students. With the donation, the University aims to develop itself into a comprehensive, application-oriented and distinctive international institution with characteristics of "based in Hainan, serving the South China Sea and facing the world".

Shouldering the Responsibility for Poverty Relief

Agile has set aside RMB30 million to help fight the pandemic in support of Wuhan, the epicenter of pandemic

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Agile has launched a special pandemic relief fund totaling RMB30 million to provide support to families impacted by the pandemic, to subsidize front-line healthcare workers and to upgrade prevention equipment and facilities for relevant institutions.

Agile attaches great importance to pandemic prevention and control work, promptly making arrangement and taking measures to fight the pandemic. We immediately formulated a Emergency Plan for Prevention of COVID-19, and mobilized a large amount of medical resources for pandemic prevention in an urgent manner to ensure the workplace safety of front-line personnel, so as to better prevent and contain the pandemic for property owners and customers. Meantime, the business segments under the Group have worked together to fulfill corporates' social responsibilities by battling against the pandemic.

Agile's strengthened "empathy" | Join hands with Young Jack in Yunnan to help improve farmers' standard of living

As the saying goes, it is better to teach one to fish than to give one a fish. In the concluding year of the national poverty relief efforts, Agile adhered to the philosophy of "empathy" for public welfare and charity, delved into various poverty relief spots in Yunnan, established strategic cooperation with, a renowned e-commerce platform for fresh produce, and facilitated the transition to e-commerce of sales of agricultural products in Yunnan.

Agile and explored Agile's poverty relief spots in Yunnan, such as Tengchong, Ruili and Jinghong, to "curate" Yunnan style cuisines with featured agricultural products. Meanwhile, was responsible for professional services such as quality control and supply chain integration, and for launching such products on Agile's featured poverty relief page on as well as various e-commerce platforms, such as and Tmall. These efforts have promoted featured agricultural products in Yunnan nationwide and assisted local enterprises in Yunnan in achieving sustainable development and getting rid of poverty.

Focus on Sustainable Development for a Clean and Beautiful Home

In collaboration with 30 industry peers, Agile signed the Low-carbon Charter to implement environmental protection

Agile and 30 peers in the real estate and construction industry jointly signed the Low-carbon Charter initiated by Business Environment Council in Hong Kong, whereby we will follow the direction of carbon reduction under the Paris Agreement by formulating progressive carbon reduction targets, working together to implement low-carbon operation and tackle climate change.

Since its establishment, Agile has always been committed to promoting sustainable development for our diversified businesses. The value chain from project planning and design, material procurement, construction to property and hotel management have comprehensively incorporated green elements and made good use of environmental and natural resources so as to reduce carbon emission. In the future, Agile will continue to strive for environmental protection by formulating and realizing carbon reduction targets progressively with reference to its business development and will work together with industry partners to implement carbon reduction.

Agile's support for the Hong Kong Joint University Eco-Business Innovation Award as its commitment to the promotion of green education

Since 2011, Agile has initiated and successively organized several Hong Kong "Joint University Eco-Business Innovation Award". During these competitions, participants from various universities have proposed a profitable eco-business plan based on real-life cases. The competitions, on the one hand, enabled future city builders to understand and practice low-carbon business life, on the other hand, conveyed the concept of sustainable development to the community.