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The Philosophy of Green Building
Focus on building people-oriented, healthy residences and developing sustainable planning/construction/operating standards.

Agile attaches importance to the harmonious, holistic and sustainable development of economic, environmental and social benefits, and focuses on people's aspiration for a wonderful lifestyle. We proactively take the responsibility of environmental protection during our development and operation and persistently provide a green and healthy lifestyle for the public.

During the design and construction processes of property development projects, we fully consider the environmental impacts of the projects throughout the full life cycle of construction, including bio-diversity conservation and green building opportunities. At the pre-construction stage of the project, we control pollution emission at source by applying prefabricated buildings and other green construction techniques; during the construction process of the project, we apply green construction techniques in order to reduce environmental pollution and wastage of resources during the construction. During the operation process of the project, we heighten the utilisation efficiency of resources and energy through energy-saving transformation projects and internal dissemination, with a view to continuously practicing our green development philosophy of energy saving and emission reduction.

Mid-to-Long Term Plans for Green Development
Healthcare Residence Standard – "Agile Happy Healthcare" System

With reference to the dual authoritative standard system of WELL Construction Standard and Healthy Construction Evaluation Standard (T/ASC 02-2016), Agile creates the healthcare residence standard within the enterprise from two aspects, including indoor health and community health, and ten dimensions, including clean environment, increased vitality, fresh air and water, etc.

Agile Happy Healthcare's residence is evaluated on a total of 60 technical key points according to a grading mechanism of 3 stars/4 stars/5 stars. At Agile Happy Healthcare, the grade of 3 stars, as our bottom line for healthcare product, contains 35 standard features and 10 optional features and fulfills the Silver WELL and 1-star Healthy Construction design requirements through benchmarking; while that of 5 stars, as our highest configuration standard, contains 50 standard features and 10 optional features and fulfills the Platinum WELL design requirements through benchmarking.

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External Green Certifications – Green Building Certification and WELL Building Certification

Agile values the harmonious co-existence of community environment and natural ecology. We proactively keep track of policies and technical standards in relation to green building in the regions where we operate and carefully assess green building opportunities arising during the project development process in various regions. As of October 2021, Agile has carried out project design and construction with reference to the Assessment Standard for Green Building (GB/T 50378-2019). 183 projects were designed according to the Green Building Star Design Standard, 110 of which have achieved the Green Building Star Design Standard, and 19 projects have obtained the Green Building Certification Label and 13 projects have obtained the 2-star Certification Label.

Project Name Star Level of Project
Agile Metropolis Nantong Residential and Commercial Project National Standard 2 Stars
Residential Property on Agile City Center Villa Wuxi land parcel A National Standard 2 Stars
Primary School on Agile City Center Villa land parcel A National Standard 2 Stars
Agile Central Mansion Nantong land parcel 05 National Standard 2 Stars
Agile Central Mansion Nantong land parcel 06 National Standard 2 Stars
Agile Riverside Garden Guangzhou National Standard 2 Stars
Agile Chairman Tianjin National Standard 2 Stars
Tianjin land parcel 162 National Standard 2 Stars
Jiangcheng Yajun Yangzhou parcel A National Standard 2 Stars
Jiangcheng Yajun Yangzhou parcel C National Standard 2 Stars
Agile Life Diary Xi'an land parcel A National Standard 2 Stars
Agile Life Diary Xi'an land parcel C National Standard 2 Stars
Agile International Garden Zhuhai National Standard 2 Stars

Agile cares about the physical and mental health of its residents and employees and has introduced the WELL building standards. We enhance people's health and well-being through design interventions, operating policies, and a culture that values health and welfare to create residential spaces with more human-oriented elements and health awareness. From October 2020 when Agile Happy Healthcare was first initiated, three projects have obtained the WELL Gold/Platinum pre-certification as at October 2021.

Project Name Star Level of Project
Hainan Clearwater Bay WELL Gold pre-certification
Agile Jinshang Yachen Chengdu WELL Gold pre-certification
Agile Jingshang Yachen Changzhou WELL Platinum pre-certification
Sustainable Project Planning – "Sponge Cities"

Along with the extreme weather conditions and the trend of precipitation changes brought by the global climate change, maintaining and improving the adaptability of the urban water cycle has become a common concern of relevant industries. Agile pays close attention to frontier researches related to climate change, as well as the initiatives of energy saving and emission reduction. We assess the risks related to climate change and our ability to respond to our operation process, and actively introduce the design concept of sponge city to enhance the adaptability of water cycle in the areas where the projects are located, thus improving the habitability of the communities.

As of October 2021, Agile has introduced the concept of sponge cities in the design of 82 projects, accounting for 55% of the total project design area. At the same time, the Company also actively carried out sponge city technology research, and applied some of the research results in the project development process.

Introduced the sponge city design concept in 2020
Applied the sponge city design concept in 82 projects
Sponge city design concept applied to 55% of the total project design area
Immersing in Nature's Beauty: Agile Binhe County Tianjin

The landscape of Agile Binhe County Tianjin is designed to create an ecological green corridor pleasant to live in, while restoring the aquatic ecosystem of land-sea transition zone, thus forming a harmonious coexistence of human habitat with hydrological ecology and marine culture.

The project works in coherence with the surroundings to establish a sponge water system with the natural water source, thus creating an ecological wetland park that is eco-friendly with low maintenance cost. The green area in the park utilises rain gardens and sunken greenbelts for rainwater filtering and infiltration, while rainwater run-off refills the lake. The wastewater from the parking lot is no longer discharged into the lake due to the pollution of motor oil and heavy metals brought by vehicle, and is directly purified by infiltrating in the grass swale. Partial eutrophication is prevented in the lake through water pumping and circulation, while vegetation and organisms are carefully distributed, so as to create a stable aquatic ecosystem.

Sustainable Construction Process – "Prefabricated Building"

Prefabricated buildings are characterised by environmental protection, safe and full dry operation and quick assembly, which not only enhance the quality and progress of constructions, but also significantly reduce secondary pollution caused by traditional construction. In 2021, Agile adopted prefabricated building technology in 37 projects with prefabricated building area of 2,970,000㎡.

Given the requirements of multi-disciplinary collaboration and systematic integration for prefabricated buildings, we control the integrated design of prefabricated buildings through "three procedures and one method". (Three procedures: planning stage control, decoration design stage control and component design stage control. One method: BIM technology application.)

In respect of intelligent home and decoration, Agile is the pioneer to practice prefabricated decoration, which is widely used in refined decoration of real estate projects, and the application will be expanded to healthcare facilities such as hospitals and elderly homes in the future. For the intelligent home and decoration segment, the establishment and comprehensive roll-out of the BBC service model, combined with in-depth-customisation of intelligent home system, will create a customised aesthetic space for consumers while ensuring the quality of products and services and the efficiency of operation and construction.