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Chairman's Corner

Awards & Recognition
  • World Outstanding Chinese Award
  • China Philanthropy Outstanding Contribution Individual Award
  • Top 30 Chinese Philanthropists in 30 Years of Reform
  • Top 10 Persons of the Year for China Enterprise Management Excellence Award
  • Persons of the Year in Education, Zhongshan
  • Honorary Citizen of Zhongshan
  • Zhongshan Voluntary Service Special Contribution Award
Chen Zhuo Lin Founder of Agile Group

Mr. Chen Zhuo Lin, the Chairman of the Board and President of Agile Group Holdings Limited. Born to a native family in Zhongshan, Guangdong in March 1962, he is also the executive Vice Chairperson of China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, Honorary Vice President of Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China, Vice Chairperson of Guangdong Overseas Chinese Enterprises Association, Vice Chairperson of Zhongshan Association of Overseas Enterprises and Honorary Chief Chairperson of the Association of Zhongshang Sanxiang Fellows in Hong Kong.

Career Milestones Charity Contribution

Inside the company, Mr. Chen Zhuo Lin advocated a good working environment, addressing employees’ concerns; in the society, he is committed to public welfare charity activities in the fields of promoting education, poverty alleviation and sustainable development, etc., striving to realise an entrepreneur’s social responsibilities. Since the establishment of the Company, an aggregate amount of nearly RMB2 billion has been donated to the community, which mainly includes:

  • The Foundation of the “Agile Foundation of Mutual Help”: In 2008, Mr. Chen proposed to establish the “Agile Foundation of Mutual Help”, and took the lead every year to contribute private donations to the fund, which will be used to help every employee in need.
  • Contribution to the "Chinese Culture Inheritance Project": In 2008, the “Agile Chinese Culture Inheritance Foundation” was founded under the “Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China” of the State Council, and RMB80 million was donated in succession for use of overseas Chinese language education, improving hardware facilities of 100 Chinese language schools in 71 countries including Indonesia, Thailand, England and Germany, as well as promoting the teaching levels of thousands of overseas Chinese language teachers.
  • Donation to Wenchuan: In 2008, after the 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake, RMB156 million was donated to the affected areas and 16 schools had been reconstructed.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chen Zhuo Lin Education Foundation: In 2008, Mr. and Mrs. Chen Zhuo Lin donated RMB10 million for the establishment of “Mr. and Mrs.Chen Zhuo Lin Education Foundation”, which will be used for assisting the construction and development of Guishan Secondary School, their alma mater.
  • Supporting the “Famine 30” for 10 consecutive years: Sponsored the “Famine 30” activity in Hong Kong and Macau since 2010.
  • Lai See Reuse and Recycle Program: Participated in the Lai See Reuse and Recycle Program of Greeners Action since 2011, recycling an accumulative amount of tens of millions of red envelops.
  • Contribution to the poverty alleviation in Guangdong: In 2012, RMB85 million was donated in support of the poverty alleviation work in Guangdong.
  • Supporting the infrastructure construction in hometown: In 2013, a donation of RMB30 million was made to Zhongshan Charity Association in support of the reconstruction project of Zhenhua Road in Sanxiang town, improving the transportation ability of roads in the town and promoting the transportation environment.
  • Supporting Hainan Tropical Ocean University: In 2016, a donation of RMB100 million was made to Hainan Tropical Ocean University.
  • Contribution to medical business in hometown: In 2017, a donation of RMB100 million was made to Zhongshan Charity Association for use of constructing Sanxiang People’s Hospital.
  • The Establishment of “Sun Yat-sen University-Agile Charity Development Foundation”: In 2017, RMB10 million was donated to Sun Yat-sen University for the establishment of “Sun Yat-sen University-Agile Charity Development Foundation”; meanwhile, RMB50 million was donated to the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, promoting the “Agile-Kelin New Talents Project” and contributing to introducing and nurturing high-level talents.
  • Agile in the help of building a happy life together: In 2018, we carried out the “Agile in the help of building a happy life together” series of poverty alleviation activities fully assisting the poverty alleviation work in Yunnan Province and Hainan Province, donating RMB170 million of poverty alleviation fund for the first period.
  • Signing the “Low Carbon Charter” and supporting sustainable development: In 2019, we signed the “Low Carbon Charter” initiated by the Business Environment Council, and will adhere to the progressive carbon emission reduction targets regulated in the Paris Agreement, joining hands to deal with the issue of climate change.
  • Fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic: In 2020, a specialised foundation was founded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and RMB30 million was donated.
  • Supporting the Education Business in hometown: In 2020, RMB40 million was donated to Yagang primary school of Sanxiang town, Zhongshan city through the Agile Charity Foundation for use of improving school conditions and supporting the development of local education business.