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Corporate Governance

《Articles of Association》
《Procedures for a member to propose a person for election as director》

The Group is managed under the direction of the Board of Directors (the "Board"), whose purpose is to maximize long-term shareholder value for our shareholders by addressing and balancing the concerns of our shareholders, customers, employees, business partners and the public at large.

With reference to international practices and corporate governance code of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, it provides appropriate guidance on how the corporate governance principles are applied and promoted in the Company. The Board adopted its own Statement of Policy for Corporate Governance, which not only states clearly the responsibilities and terms of reference of the Board but also sets up three Board committees, namely, Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee. Each of them has its own defined terms of reference covering its duties, powers and functions. The main responsibilities of the Board and its committees are overseeing the issue on corporate governance, overseeing and advising the management in developing our financial and business goals, overseeing our public disclosures,and evaluating management's performance in pursuing and achieving these goals.

The Group maintains high transparency with timely release of information to shareholders and investors. We strive to disclose relevant corporate information, including annual reports, interim reports, announcements and shareholder circulars as well as press releases. These information can also be downloaded from the Group's website.

The Group also convenes post-results press conference and analyst meetings, with directors and management present to answer questions. Analyst briefings are posted onto the Group's website. The Group also established a specific team led by Chairman responsible for dealing with investor relations and media enquiries. From time to time, the management conduct meetings with shareholders, institutional investors and securities analysts, with an aim to elaborate the latest business development of the Group and invite them to have site visit.

Apart from the Board committees, the Group places a great emphasis on the work of internal control. It established the internal audit department to assist the Board and the senior management in risk management and in monitoring compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and guidelines with a view to enhance the effectiveness of our internal control mechanisms.