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Company Profile


Agile Group is an integrated conglomerate specialised in property development with extensive presence in diversified range of businesses. Since its establishment,Agile has always been devoted to the pursuit of high quality of life,and committed to becoming a provider of premium lifestyle.

Agile has 2 listed companies. Agile Group Holdings Limited (Stock Code: HK3383) and A-Living Company Limited (Stock Code: HK3319) were listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2005 and 2018 respectively. In 2018, the property sector’s pre-sales revenue of Agile was RMB 102.67 billion. The shares of Agile (Stock Code: HK3383) are currently one of the constituent stocks of Hang Seng Composite Index, Hang Seng Global Composite Index, Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index Series, Hang Seng High Dividend Yield Index, Hang Seng Mainland Properties Index, Hang Seng High Beta Index, Hang Seng China (Hong Kong-listed) 100 Index, MSCI China Index and Lippo Select HK & Mainland Property Index.

The brand concept of Agile is "Lifestyle of a Lifetime".

Eight Major Businesses
Agile Property

Agile's property development business has over 200 projects in over 70 cities. Agile Mountain Guangzhou and Hainan Clearwater Bay etc. won high reputation both at home and abroad.


It has 3 key subsidiaries (property management, community business, asset management), and manages properties of a contracted 246.4 million square meters in 27 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, servicing over 1 million residents.


It focuses on 3 major areas including solid waste treatment, environmental restoration and water treatment. With nearly 40 subsidiaries, Agile's Environmental Protection ranks among the top in hazardous waste industry.


Agile Construction strives for building a comprehensive “3+2” system, covering services along the entire industrial chain. The business arm operates under a three-pronged business model that combines Engineering Procurement Construction, Landscape Engineering and Decoration & Furnishing, complemented by design consultancy and building materials trade.


Main businesses cover fund management, equity investment, financial asset investment, securities transaction and wealth management. With applying diversified financing products and assets, it offers a comprehensive solution for capital investment, making more values.


By Mar 2019, it is operating 200+ education institutes of different nature across 52 key cities in 19 provinces/municipalities in China.


The business provides agent service through the whole process to the market, establish the brand as a high-end listed company, appoint professional team, and utilize combined resources of the whole industry chain to maximize the value of our projects.


The business has established presence in over 50 cities and currently manages projects including shopping centres, office buildings, commercial community property, long-term rental apartments, boutique street markets, hotels, golf clubs and yacht clubs, with a GFA of over 3 million square metres.